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Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Having some recent spare time... I indulged myself in creating three playlists of youtube music vids. Click on the titles to watch!

1. ROOTED IN DOOM... Eclectic and soulful heaviness

Some serious classics and some band favourites. Clutch, Acid Bath, Kvelertak, Tweak Bird, Entombed, The Doors, Creedence, Brutal Truth, Motorhead, Torche and loads loads more. 25 Videos.


No further explanation necessary. Mostly 90s stuff from my teenage metal years, some stone cold megablasters and a few obscurities. The odd laugh out loud moment in the case of the Hammerfall video. Sepultura, Priest, Crowbar, our buddies in Diesel King, Human Remains, Rhapsody, At The Gates and Obituary and loads more!! 27 Videos.
You can check out DIESEL KING here
...and our buds in SKULL BRANDED PIRATES here! Aaaaaaargh!
Hey...it's us! Sort of!


Coley's favourite psychedelic and trippy tunes. Mega-eclectic and a bit of a sense of adventure needed for this journey to the centre of the mind of youtube. British psychedelic vintage from Hawkwind and July, mellow folk/jazz from Pentangle, Sabbath, Sleep, Mr Bungle, my Japanese glam punk pals Lucy and the Lipstix and a bunch of other crazy crazy cats! 17 Videos.

Here's LUCY AND THE LIPSTIX, if you're feeling adventurous...

The EP release is taking shape now and it...well it sounds kind of like a proper record now and don't you worry, it's gonna have a kickass cover and it's gonna like, mean something. At least it will to us, just hope you enjoy it :)

As always cheers and hope you enjoy the videos, thanks for visiting!
Hawkwind's 'Space Ritual' - that's my copy there, nerds!
Crybaby Deathmatch 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Surfing The youtube Vault

Controlled By Dirty Machines ...an old demo                        Visions in black - they never turn back Visions in white - too close to the light Visions you see through Master destroys you Chorus: You don't know what I've seen In the darkness come for me Grip of madness on your knees Controlled by madmen and dirty machines Holding you down - holding you back Rattled chains fears of lonely pain Sleepless under blue and black Nothing they could do - so they all left you 

Loneliness inflicted by the blue sky thinking of devious men You won't live free for long So do what you want because you'll only get burned

...and here's a live video of 'Fragile Stars'

Monday, 8 October 2012

We got an arthritic punk to make an advert for the EP

Actually... no we didn't. Del is the artist in the band, as he is a graphic designer by trade and spends a lot of his time airbrushing spaceships and Amazonian women firing laser guns on geeky websites or some shit like that (I have no idea if that's what he does). He's working on the cover art for the EP as we speak.Coley, unlike Del, literally can't draw very well, even at the best of times, but especially because at the moment his hand looks like this:So he decided to make his own punk collage style publicity photos with old fashioned paper and a camera instead...enjoy...remember...5 TRACKS OF CryBabyDeathMatch, THE FIRST OFFICIAL EP RECORDING...ENGINEERED RECORDED MIXED by Will WICHANSKI...coming AUTUMN 2012!

CRYBABY DEATHMATCH - Introducing Biographically

loneliness inflicted by the blue sky thinking of devious men

Biography October 2012

Alternative rock plus doom rock plus old school heavy metal and punk. Originally formed as Needlebliss in the late 90s when they were still at school in north London, the name taken from a tv comedy show. They were playing rip off music of Iron Monkey at the time. They kept jamming and jamming and listening to a lot of down-tuned blues metal then eventually decided to play some gigs and write prop
er songs, mixing doom and desert rock vibes with alternative rock, punk and hardcore a ton of heavy metal and some twisted Motorhead-on-acid style rock n roll, Crybaby Deathmatch became a ‘proper band’ sometime between last year and this one (2009 - 2010). 
The founding duo of Coley and Del was joined by Dan in October 2010. Dan unfortunately sh*t himself one too many times after the usual post-rehearsal meal of a takeaway burrito, made his excuses and left. When the smoke (and smell) had cleared, a French magician by the name of Jerome took his place and once again bass was back in the place, London. Note: Jerome is actually a magician by trade as well as training people to use medical equipment, working for a University and God-knows-what else it is he does. Nice.search for us on facebook or email Coley at thee_grand_wazoo@hotmail.co.uk.

We have our debut 5-track EP coming soon, Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Will WIchanski (Sedulus, Diesel King).